French Curriculum

“Already a better French lesson today! I downloaded and printed and started a lesson immediately and it went great. So far we’ve liked what we were doing in our two weeks of school. We did lesson 1 and 2 since I have an older student. I think I will add in some grammar lessons and it should all work out for what he needs. Thank you!!” ~Cassie

“I have been using your term 1 French curriculum with a small homeschool group this year and we have absolutely LOVED it! It’s been so exciting to see them just love the lessons and become so confident to speak and sing in french. Thank you so much!” ~D

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. Well Terms 1 and 2 are anyway
(Term 3 is being fine-tuned to be released at a later date) … Terms 1 and 2 French [Beta edition] for Form 1 is ready for your use. Is it perfect? Probably not. But it IS most definitely a a heart-felt effort from one busy, homeschool mom to another, and I pray it blesses you.

So how much is it? I’ve given this a lot of thought and prayer. I love languages. I love French especially because of my mother, Jill. In her younger years she was a brilliant linguist…. a member of the first class of women ever invited to take Russian classes with men at the renowned Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. Sadly, this gift of hers was never fully realized before mental illness robbed her of her mind as it was. In her honor, I would like to offer this work asking only for love offerings, asking you to keep in mind the amount of work this has entailed. Though my mother wasn’t able to give me all that she wanted, she did give me a love for languages and if this work might further that love in your family, I give God all the glory.

If you are interested, please use one of the forms below. Below you will find forms for Term 1 only, Term 2 only or Terms 1 & 2 together. I will then send an invoice to you through PayPal and once paid, I will forward you all files. God bless.

Term 1 Curriculum

    Term 2 Curriculum

      Terms 1 & 2 Curriculum