A Story Lesson

Listen to the Form 1 Immersion Lesson I did with A Delectable Education, here!  You can listen to an Immersion Lesson for Form 2, here!

For Beginners

  1. Begin with a sentence and work toward larger passages.
  2. Give the students any new words with which they might be unfamiliar–orally. Use pictures and/or gestures when giving the word as often as possible.  Have them listen to and repeat the words.
  3. Read the sentence or passage bit by bit in the target language, stopping to have the students translate it with your help.
  4. Once you have finished the passage, ask the students to tell it back to you in English.
  5. Read it through once more in the target language, this time without stopping.

For Intermediates

From School Education, page 345

  1. Read the passage slowly and distinctly, stopping frequently to make sure that the children understand. Write the new words and expressions on the board and give their meanings.
  2. Let the children repeat the story in English.
  3. Read the passage straight through.
  4. Let the children read the passage, paying special attention to the pronunciation.
  5. Have the passage narrated in French, helping the children when necessary with questions.
  6. Speak as much French as possible throughout, but always make sure that the pupils understand.

More advanced students would be reading and narrating on their own.