Teacher Training

“THANK YOU for the teacher training video!! It’s WELL WORTH the $15! It’s so super helpful, and I’m not even done with it yet. I can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned!” ~Jenny

“I have sat in your classes and heard your passion. Those 2 classes helped make connections that I never knew could be made!! You gave me hope and a joy! ” ~Suzie

There are seasons in life when making it to a conference is just not feasible. In hopes of meeting the needs of those unable to make the myriad of Charlotte Mason conferences, I am offering the same presentation I do at these conference for your purchase of $15. Once purchased, this presentation is available to you at any time from the comfort of your couch and cozy pajamas.

To purchase, please fill out the short form below. Purchases will be made through PayPal.

Please Note: This presentation is for personal, home use. Please respect the time and work that went into its research and production and do not pass along to other friends or groups. If you would like to have a copy for a group or cooperative learning group, please contact me for a discounted rate.