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Though German was typically the second language learned in Mason’s schools, Mason was partial to the beauty of the Italian language and highly recommended–even preferred–it be taught.


In the early years, vocabulary is developed through pictures and objects around the student’s environment.  Below are resources you could use for vocabulary.  The key here is to remember that the students are not to see the words.  In some cases, you may need to find a way to cover the words.



  • The Beelinguapp is a new app that reads aloud stories in a variety of languages along with side by side text of the native and target language!
  • The Bible in Italian–with audio
  • Librivox has over 100 audiobooks available in Italian
  • Here, Librivox has a collection of fairytales in many languages, and three in Italian!
  • Here is a YouTube Channel with Italian stories you could use for the audio.   The work in the early years is through the ear, so you would not want to watch these with your children.
  • This is another YouTube channel of Italian fairy tales.  Use them for the audio only in the early years.
  • The Tales of Mother Goose by Charles Perrault
  • Project Gutenberg has a number of Italian stories in print and audio
  • Il Piu Felici Bambino del Mondo by Carola Prosperi


Formal Lesson Books

Mason used the following books for lessons in her programmes.  Teachers were required to read the preface to educate themselves and did not use them exhaustively.  Students completed about six lessons per term.