A Vocabulary Lesson

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Pictures from Hachette’s First Illustrated Primer by Henri Bué

Listen to the Form 1 Immersion Lesson I did with A Delectable Education, here!  You can listen to an Immersion Lesson for Form 2, here!

Teacher Prep:

Cut out vocabulary flash cards. Prepare audio for the words and sentences.  Consider the gestures you will use. 


un âne (a donkey/an ass)     un ânon (a young donkey/a young ass)     les ânes (the donkeys)     le cheval (the horse)

le cavalier (the horse rider)     le champ (the field)     monter/monte (to ride/rides)     reposer/reposent (to rest/rest) 


Le cavalier monte le cheval. (The horse rider rides the horse.) 

Les ânes reposent dans le champ. (The donkeys rest in the field.) 


Quels animaux reposent-ils dans le champ? (Which animals rest in the field?) 

Qui monte le cheval?  (Who rides the horse?) 


Show the student(s) flash cards for ‘un âne, un ânon, les ânes, le cheval, le cavalier, le champ’ and listen to the corresponding audio for each.  Listen to each word three times.  Have the students repeat each word after listening to it. 

Show the student(s) gestures for ‘monte, reposent,’ while listening to the corresponding audio.  It’s important that the student(s) copy these gestures as they listen to the words.  Listen to each word three times. Have the students repeat each word after listening to it. 

Show the student(s) each flash card and listen to the audio files for the corresponding phrases, three times each.  Have them act out the phrase and speak along with the audio as they are able. 

If time allows, end your lesson by checking for understanding. Place the flashcards on the table.  In random order, play each audio and see if you and your child can match it with the appropriate gesture and flashcard.  If they can speak it, great, but do not expect it right at first.   

You might also use the questions to prompt your students to use the sentences.  If not right at first, certainly these could be used in the next vocabulary lesson.  Make this fun!