“[Languages] should be acquired as English is, not as a grammar, but as a living speech.”

Charlotte Mason

Mason’s Living Languages was developed in pursuit of supporting parents and teachers in their efforts to teach foreign language according to Charlotte Mason’s philosophy.  Here you will find a variety of resources–many free–to aid in giving your students varied and joyous lessons.  Currently, resources are available for French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Latin, with more languages and exciting resources on the horizon.

At Mason’s Living Languages you will find:

  • An introduction to Charlotte Mason and her philosophy
  • Mason’s Scope & Sequence–a summary of topics and methods prescribed by Charlotte Mason to help teachers understand the big picture of foreign language development through the Forms
  • My Teacher Training Video
  • French Curriculum for beginners
  • Sample Lessons 
  • Recommendations for older students beginning a new language
  • Online resources for songs, poems and stories recorded by native speakers all in ONE place
  • Links to other suggested resources–some available for purchase and others free

How to use this site..

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  • Next, if you are new to Charlotte Mason and her philosophy of education, be sure to start your journey on the ‘Charlotte Mason’ page.
  • Next, read through ‘Mason’s Scope and Sequence’ to better understand how Mason approached teaching foreign language through the years.  Give a listen to my interview with A Delectable Education on foreign language!
  • Now the fun part!  Armed with the big picture, use the ‘Language Resources’ pages to piece together your plan.
  • Be sure to check back for added resources!

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