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Though Portuguese was not taught in Charlotte Mason’s schools, I have listed below resources that could be used in teaching according to Charlotte Mason’s philosophy.


In the early years, vocabulary is developed through pictures and objects around the student’s environment.  Below are resources you could use for vocabulary.  The key here is to remember that the students are not to see the words.  In some cases, you may need to find a way to cover the words.

  • First Thousand Words in Portuguese-this resource comes with a pronunciation guide, but also shows the words in print.  Use wisely!
  • Easy Peasy Portuguese-this series of “flashcard books” is only on Kindle, but includes numbers, body parts, animals, months & seasons,  food and table setting, etc.
  • This free website (ielanguages.com) hosts audio recordings of common phrases, numbers, seasons, etc in Brazilian Portuguese.



  • The Beelinguapp is a new app that reads aloud stories in a variety of languages along with side by side text of the native and target language!
  • The Bible in Portugese–with audio
  • The Bible in Portugese–Brazilian narration–with audio
  • Librivox has a collection of children’s stories in Portugese
  • Project Gutenberg has a number of stories in Portugese, in print and audio
  • Aesop’s Fables-this free site has a collection of Aesop’s Fables in Portuguese with quaint black ink drawings.
  • This YouTube site has many Portuguese fairytales.  Keep in mind, beginner students should not see the words in print, so this resource could be use for the audio only.


M. Gouin’s Series

I’m still looking for a solid resource here!  Those well spoken in Portuguese could easily create their own ‘series’ given they understand the method.

Formal Lesson Books